December 19, 2011



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Hilarious Dog Toy & Gift Idea

These hilarious dog toys make for the perfect gag gift for friends with dogs or just the perfect Christmas present for your own dog.

WARNING: Only for dogs witha  sense of humor!



Top 5 Reasons to Adopt the Perfect Christmas Present: Your new dog!

Top 5 Reasons you should adopt a dog this Christmas!



Anyone who has gotten a dog for Christmas knows it is one of the best Christmas memories you will ever have. The fun is not only in the receiving, but also in giving. The excitement of finding a place to keep him until Christmas. Hiding his kennel under a blanket and having the kids unwrap it. The joy that is to be had after getting a new dog for Christmas is the closest thing to the perfect gift as you're going to get. It's a priceless moment that everyone should experience! So this year go to a local shelter, search their websites, and find your new puppy!



Here are a few great reasons why you should adopt a pet:

#5- You will not be supporting puppy mills or pet stores who often inhumanely treat dogs as nothing more than breeding money makers. Now of course there are reputable dog breeders who are breeding humanely and professionally. However, it is often hard to tell if you are getting your pup from a good breeder. Adopting a shelter dog, completely eliminates the possibility of you supporting puppy mills.


#4- Another great reason follows the old saying “Put good in, get good out.” Honestly, you'll feel good about your decision. You're never going to look back and wish you would have gotten another dog. That little puppy who needed a home, now has one. It is simply good karma!


#3- You'll save money. With hard economic times, we all have to look for ways to save money in every situation. Shelter fees are often inexpensive. What a great bargain, for a small price you could have a loving loyal dog in your home for Christmas. Imagine you and Fido enjoying the fireplace and family for the holidays. Keeping warm and happy!


#2- Your shelter dog will be healthy! People often have the misconception that shelter dogs are going to be sick/abused/ problematic. That is simply not true! They are probably better taken care of then most dogs. They are taken in by caring shelter volunteers who spend time/money to make sure these dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and loved.  The problems usually lie within the people who had them, not the dog. Divorce, moving away, & financial problems are among the top reasons dogs end up in shelters. Another benefit is that most shelter dogs are already  acclimated to other dogs because they're around them at the shelter. They are normal great dogs! Often mixed breed dogs are among the smartest, we know from experience that our little mixed pup Lily is the smartest dog we have ever have had. When dogs are mixed breed they get all the best traits of whatever breed is in them. They also develop better immune systems and don't necessarily have some of the genetic problems that are passed down with pure bred dogs (heart issues/ blindness/ susceptible to cancer/ etc.)


#1- The top reason is of course that you are saving a life. That is a powerful phrase, and often overlooked. YOU could save a life, unless your in the medical field I doubt you get to say that too often. Between 3 and 4 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the U.S.A because the amount of people who give up their pets topples the amount of people who adopt from shelters. The number of euthanized animals could be reduced dramatically if more people adopted pets instead of buying them. By adopting from a private humane society or animal shelter, breed rescue group, or the local animal control agency, you'll help save the lives of two animals—the pet you adopt and a homeless animal somewhere who can be rescued because of space you helped free up!


It is a no brainer, adopt your next pet! It's Christmas and there is no gift more perfect than a sweet little puppy dressed in a “My 1st Christmas” dog shirt! So when you start looking, remember that your new dog is waiting for you at a local shelter. Find him. Love him. They say that we don't choose our pets, they choose us. It's exciting, it's fun, and it is Christmas! So get on down to one of the shelters and see which one calls out to you. Which dog screams “take me home, I'm your new dog!” It will happen, and you will never be happier.


Check out any of these local shelters filled with dogs just waiting for you! Click on any of these shelters below or check out our Dog Rescues Page.


Feel free to email us @ if you have another shelter you would like us to add to this blog!





B.F.F. Pet Adoption Lumberton, Texas


Some source of information in this blog came from: ASPCA

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Dogs


Top 10 Christmas Gifts for your favorite puppy dog!

The Christmas season is a time of giving to your loved ones. As the old saying goes it is better to give than to receive. Well as we all know our dogs give us something special everyday all year round. So while the season is in and your in the mood to get every one a little something they deserve, let us go through and point out a few of the best gifts to give your pup this Holiday season.

#10 Dog Christmas Shirts!

-Everyone loves feeling the Christmas spirit, including your dog! Why not pick him/her out a great Christmas shirt to help get his holly jolly on.


#9 Dog Christmas Toys

- Toys are among your dog's favorite forms of entertainment! You might as well combine the spirit of the holidays with this joy and get him a Christmas themed toy!


#8 Gourmet Bakery Dog Treat / All Natural Dog Treat

Dog treats go way past the boring dog biscuit that everyone used to get. If you really want to show your pup that Christmas lovin', a peanut butter bon bon, beef tendon stick, chicklick chicken sliver treats, will do the trick.



#7 Invincible Squeaker Toys / Indestructible Dog Chew Toys

Not only is this a great gift for your dog, it is a great gift for yourself. More durable dog toys means that you are spending less money on destroyed toys. Which means more money to buy more Christmas gifts! The indestructible dog chew toys are guaranteed by the company and even the chronic chewers have a tough time tearing up one of these durable toys!



#6 Designer Dog Collars / Dog Jewelry

Remember that one elegant present you got that you'll always remember as being over the top and beautiful. Now your dog will have the same memories. These luxury designer dog collars are sure to have your baby looking trendy and beautiful. These collars are so nice, the rest of your family will be jealous.



#5 Warm Dog Sweaters to keep comfortable during the harsh winter weather

- With winter temperatures getting colder and colder, it is time to bundle up and keep cozy. These awesome dog sweaters are great for keeping your dog warm in the house or outside.

#4 Silent Squeaker Dog Toys that only your pup can hear! Perfect!

- This is the perfect gift for a friend or for your dog. Everyone knows that after hours of play with the same squeaker toy that incessantly makes its repetitive squeak, it gets a little annoying. Well now they have come up with a squeaker that can only be heard by your dog. How perfect is that? Fido gets to play with his toy, and you get to enjoy the peace and quiet.


#3 A Collapsible Portable Dog Stroller

Ever get tired of seeing your poor pups sad face or hearing him cry as you leave to go out? Well now you don't have to worry, bring your baby with you wherever you go. This collapsible pet stroller is great for a day of shopping at the mall, a quick stroll down the street, or a walk through the park. It allows you to bring your dog where in most cases he would not be allowed to go! No more will you have to feel bad about leaving fido at home crying until you get back. It is also great for keeping smaller dogs safe in the park or on a walk. Your pup will love his new ride, and you will love being able to spend time with your baby in everyday situations!



#2 Luxury Designer Dog Bed

You already know that your dog loves his bed, its a great place to nap, and in most cases it is their safe place. However, most beds are just not great to look at. The benefit of having a cute luxury dog bed is the fabric lasts longer, they look better, and your baby is more comfortable. Not only that, but it sure doesn't hurt to have a bed out in the living room that actually looks like it belongs! Our dog beds fit in as pet furniture that looks like beautiful matching decor. Find one that fits your room today!


#1 Pet Furniture- Beautiful Cage - Kennel - Crate Covers

Now, for the number one dog gift this holiday season, a gorgeous trendy crate cover! This present is the perfect mix of aesthetics, functionality, and a present for yourself also. There is no doubt that these covers spruce up any cage and have the whole room looking beautiful. They are easy to clean and often turn your pet's bed into the perfect place to go and feel safe. Now your dog will love it, but it also doubles as a present for yourself. Who wouldn't want this beautiful piece lounging in the den to show off to friends and family. Cute and fits in to the house perfectly. These crate covers are great for the Holiday season and make for an impressive gift for your dog best friend or your favorite best friend who needs one for their dog!





Santa Paws is coming to town! Professional Santa and Puppy pictures!



Thats right, Puppy Love presents pictures with Santa Claus! Join us on Thursday December 8th 5-8pm by appointment only. or Saturday December 10 from 11-4pm- No Appointment necessary. Photo packages start at $12. Give us a call (409) 892-9663 or email us at


Be sure to come in and pick up one of your favorite christmas dog shirts to have your dog looking cute and ready for his photo shoot!

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Happy Thanksgiving

The Holdays are Coming! Dog Blog

The Holidays are well on their way! As we all know Christmas brings about all kinds of great things. Food, family, friends, and Holiday cheer are just some of the great happenings during the Holidays. During these fast paced holidays there are a few things to remember when it comes to your pets and the holidays. So here is a helpful guide to keep your pup healthy, happy, and full of Christmas cheer.

Lets start with healthy. During the Holidays it is always fun to decorate everything in reds and greens, and winter wonderland-like decor. A few things to be cautious of for your pet this holdiay season include poinsettias, chocolates, and tinsel. We are often so excited in setting up the house for the holidays that we forget that these items can bring anything other than joy. 


-Poinsettias: These beautiful red Christmas flowers look great for the holidays and often add the finishing touches of your season decor. However, if consumed by your pooch it can be fatal for them. Poinsettias contain a molasses like sap that if ingested in a large amount can do damage to your baby. The signs of Poinsettia poisoning inclue vomiting, depressed behaivors, or your pup not eating.


-Chocolates: Now this one is pretty obvious and everyone knows about it, but during the Holidays its alot more common to leave great tasting goodies out for the family. Sometime we don't think about it and leave them out on low to the floor coffee tables or tables.  Just make sure all of those delicious chocolate cookies and other goodies are unaccessible to Fido.


-Tinsel: This is another obvious one, but still something to be cautious of. Tinsel is always falling off and being left around the house. The little scraps are not good for your pup to be ingesting and should be noticed when decoratting for the Christmas holiday. Now some dogs have enough sense to realize it is not something edible; however, we all know atleast one mischievous pup who will destroy and eat anything available.


Okay, now lets move on to keeping your pup happy during the busy Holiday season. With all the shopping, cooking, and event attending, your pup may need extra attention when there is time to be spent with them. Treats and Toys tend to be a few things to keep your pup content during the hustle of it all.

Here at Puppy Love, we know treats and toys, and we know which ones are best for keeping your dog entertained.

Treat wise, an all natural shed deer antler serves as the perfect long-lasting chew treat. We have heard of some pups who can finish these with out any problem, but for most dogs, it can last months. The deer antler treat is great for the chronic chewers who cost you tons of money in chewing treats every month. Especially during the holiday season, it is a great chew for the pups to keep them busy while you are cooking dinner, or wrapping presents!

If you are looking for a faster treat that your pup absolutely can't resist, then you are looking for the Flossie. This all natural dog treat: (beef tendon) is our pup's absolute favorite. No mess and with its wrap around design, it cleans the pups teeth while they chew.



Another great idea for the pup during the next few months is a fun toy that will keep them happy and entertained.

We would suggest a Christmas themed toy such as the Reindeer Long Squeaker or the cute Penguin Squeaker Mat!




One last thing to complete your Pup's Holiday happiness would be a comfy dog sweater or jacket!


You're not the only one who wants to keep warm this Holiday season, make sure to pick up your pup a comfortable and warm dog sweater to keep them content during this wintery temperatured season.


There you have it, follow a few of these simple holiday pet rules and your pup will be just as happy as the rest of the family this season. Happy Holidays from Puppy Love and check back for our Holiday Christmas Guide to Presents for Your Puppy!




Winter Collection of Dog Sweaters and Coats 2011

It is always important to remember that you're not the only one cold in these holiday seasons.

We often forget that our dogs can get just as cold during the winter season. Especially if the dog often sleeps on the chilly hard wood floor. Whether it be for comfort or for the beauty of it, a dog sweater or coat is the perfect gift to give your pooch this holiday season.




Check out some of Puppy Love's luxury designer dog sweaters and coats below. These enlarged pictures give you a good idea of the great quality that is stitched into each sweater.


Signed, Puppy Love Dog Store

Why do dogs eat grass?

Product Review: Crate Covers

Crate Covers and Luxury Canopy Dog Beds


These crate covers and luxury canopy dog beds are handcrafted by our exclusive Puppy Love Designer. Each one is beautiful and turns an ordinary crate into something worth having in the living room! With such an impressive design and great style, it is hard to decide who will enjoy it more, you or your dog.

With new designs coming in all the time there is no limit to what new art you may find in these awesome luxury dog crate covers and canopy day beds (found on site).

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