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You Can't Afford Cheap Dog Food!


Does your dog have itchy ears, watery eyes, scratching all the time?

Anyone who knows me likes to say "I'm the cheapest person alive." So I would be the last person to shell out for something as basic as dog food. My education with dog food began with my daughter's experience with her Wheaton Terrier. Murphy had ear issues over and over. His ears itched, they smelled, they were diagnosed infected. The vet prescribed antibiotics and drops and he recovered for a week or two. Then Murphy's ears started to itch and smell and become infected all over again. My daughter finally took him to a new vet after his second round of antibiotics and he told her "get him off of corn, soy, and wheat and he wont have these issues anymore."

Corn, soy, wheat? When would he have had those items- every time he eats his dog food!

It seems most of the well advertised name brands that everyone uses are full of exactly that. In fact a quick look at the ingredient list of most common dog foods will show them at the top of the list-way before any meat ingredients. Some how dog food companies decided ingredients like beef, chicken, and fish are only needed to be included-if at all-after the all important (and probably much cheaper) corn, soy, and wheat.

In the wild I'm pretty sure dogs would have sought after small game, or chickens..... not really pursuing too many wheat or corn plants. As the vet explained if dogs are proned to allergies, these three ingredients are typically allergens for them. These allergies result in smelly, itchy ears, hot spots, itchy skin, paws, and runny eyes.

With a daily diet of the offending substances it is littler wonder why Murphy had continued to have health issues.

It seems the better dog foods have gotten smart and realized the value of no wheat, no soy, and no corn and many are proud to display it right on the front label. It is important to note that Murphy has never had another infection since the diet change. No more smelly ears and no more constant antibiotic rounds.

So I buy my $20 bag of dog food and pass up the $12.00 bags.

Because I am still the cheapest person alive and I can't afford to pay for bad food, cheap ingredients, and unnecessary vet bills. It seems premium dog food is really quite a bargain!

If you are interested in analyzing your dog food go to and look it up. They are a wealth of information that evaluates dog food brands.

That is why here at Puppy Love we carry all natural dog treats that are soy, corn, and wheat free.

Was this something that you were aware of?
How does your dogfood stack up?

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