January 23, 2012

Tiny things for your tiny & small dogs!

 Tiny Dog Clothes & Tiny Puppy Accessories

So you've got a new tiny puppy or small dog, well it's only logical that you are going to need tiny dog clothes, tiny dog toys, small dog accessories & more. So we compiled a list of some of our best tiny dog items!

Tiny Dog Clothes

Black Martini Dog Sweater

This cute martini time dog sweater is perfect for your tcup size pup!


Tiny Puppy Blankets!

Mini Bear Dog Blanket

Tiny Puppy Blanket- This cute small dog blanket is a 2 in 1 - A squeaker toy in the bear and a baby blanket for sleepy time!

Tiny Dog Hairbows!

Tiny Dog Hairbow Cupcake 

Just when you thought your xsmall dog couldn't get much cuter- Jenny Rose Dog Bows stepped it up another notch and  came up with designer cute cupcake dog hair bow!

Tiny Dog Toys!

Tiny dog toys are perfect for your small puppy. They are the perfect size for your dog to carry around and play with!

Small Dog Carriers!

Zebra Dog Carrier

One of the main advantages of having a tcup sized pup is being able to bring it with you where ever you go! Dog carriers allow you and your dog to spend quality time together shopping, eating, and just hitting the town together!

Tiny Dog Carrier Sling

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