Does your dog's ears stink?

Posted by Puppy Love on

 So you want to get rid of the dog smell in your pup's ears? Well its no surprise you need to clean your dog's ears, but what is the best product to help you clean your dog's ears. Puppy Love's all natural organic dog ear wash is definitely a place to start. This isn't just another product that we recommend because we carry it. We have an older Cocker Spaniel, so we know that ear odor is something that happens and can be quite a problem. We have used this on our senior cocker during bath time, and we were pretty impressed! He got his bath and came out smelling great and feeling better. Now of course it takes repeated use and care to keep your dog's ears clean, but this is the best place to start. An organic dog ear wash is the way to go when you want to get rid of dog odor that is caused by the ears.


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