Dog Harness : Soft Mesh & Step-in

A Dog Harness is the perfect alternative for the leash and collar. If you can't stop getting your dog to pull and choke, a dog harness is the way to go! This dog harness is soft, comfortable, and breathable, so it can be worn all the time. The luxury of this dog harness is it is easy to put on and fits over clothes for easy application!

Fragile tracheas are not something to take lightly, especially with tiny & small dogs! Keep your dog safe from collapsed tracheas with these great dog harnesses!  These are specially designed to pull at the chest instead of the neck. 

Stop dogs from choking on walks and better handle your dog during the walk! A dog harness is one of the best things you can get for you and your puppies. 

Don't be fooled by other brands of dog harnesses that claim to be safer but still pull and choke your dog's neck.