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So you need a dog kennel? Well we will do you one better, how about a dog kennel that doesn't look like a rusty old cage! Puppy love has beautiful wire dog kennels in different colors and sizes! We also carry soft sided portable crates which are great for trips and vacations! A dog kennel is a necessity for anyone who is crate training, containing their rambunctious puppy, or just want their dog to have a safe place to call their own!

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The cage shipping prices will display as $25. However, when we finalize the payment we will only accept the amount it cost to ship it depending on your choice of cage. Due to our site's shipping options this is the only logical way to process the order without overcharging you for the heavier items. Thanks, Puppy Love


 Easy fold up is perfect for caging on the go!


Crates are available in the following sizes:

X-Small  crate measures  18 x 12 x 15

Small crate measures 24"L x 17"W x 20"H
Medium crate measures 30"L x 17"W x 22"H
Medium/Large crate measures 36"L x 23"W x 26"H

Our dog crates are made of super-strong, epoxy-finished steel with tighter bar spacing for added strength. Ideal for house training, travel, keeping unsupervised dogs secure, and providing a secure place for dogs to rest. Innovative security-latch design helps to keep dogs safely contained. Slide-out floor tray is easy to clean. Included divider panel lets you section off  a portion of the crate--discourages pets from sleeping on one side and using the bathroom on the other. Stops dogs from peeing in cage!
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