Natural Shed Deer Antler Dog Treat

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Natural Shed Long Lasting Deer Antler Dog Treats

Comes in smaller size or the giant size 4 to 5 inches or the giant 10 to 12 inch size. These naturally shed deer antlers are a great chew toy for that dog who finishes their treats too fast. The antlers are made of natural calcium and phosphorus—beneficial nutrients for your dog. Its a completely healthy dog treat. They are odor-free and stain-free—no sticky residue to leave on your floors or carpets

We suggest the small one for smaller dogs ( spaniels, terriers, etc..)

We suggest the giant one for bigger dogs (Labs, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, etc...

We also offer a giant antler that is already cut into for senior dogs who might not be able to get to the tasty part as fast

( Tell us it is for a Senior Dog in the checkout portion under special instructions if so!)

This treat should be taken away once whittled down to a very small size just to be safe.