B.B. Simon Designer Leather Dog Collars Collection

Looking for leather dog collars and bling dog collars ? Well you've found it. B.B. Simon is the top dog in designer dog collars! Every stone is set perfectly into these gorgeous leather dog collars! A simplistic mix of quality and aesthetics!

This gorgeous leather dog collar is a beautiful designer collar which is the best of it's class with cute designer style and intricate fashion all stitched into each collar. This is a vogue piece of doggie apparel that will have your pooch turning heads left and right!

 X-SMALL       7 to 9.5 inches
SMALL            8 to 11.5 inches
MEDIUM         10.5 to 13.5
LARGE            12.5 to 15 inches
    XL                16.5 to 19.5

XXL                 20  to 23 inches

Pink and White Designer Leather Dog Collars

Leather Dog Collars


Dark Pink Leopard

Designer Dog Collars

Violet Purple Leather Dog Collar

Violet Purple Designer Dog Collars 

Flat Pink Designer Dog Collar

Pink Designer Dog Collars


Chic Black Leather Dog Collar

Chic Black Bling Dog Collars

Green Bling Dog Collars

Green Bling Dog Collar

Copper Colored B.B. Simon Dog Collar

Copper B.B. Simon Dog Collars

Flat Red B.B. Simon Dog Collar with Iridescent Stones!

Red Bling Dog Collar

Fuchsia and Zebra Designer Dog Collars

Pink Zebra Dog Collars 


Light Pink Leopard Dog Collars

Light Pink Leopard Dog Collar

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